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Dealer Application

Why Roofing Companies Should Partner with TEK® Industries and Expand to a Dealer Role

At TEK® Industries, our mission is two-fold: to expand our roofing family and to renovate the entire roofing market by giving more to homeowners. These goals are fitted together tightly because improving the entire industry will require a lot of hands-on involvement from more dealers to keep overhead costs low. Our family includes customers, partners, friends, and even actual family members. With more than 50 years of roofing expertise, we have a vast wealth of experience to bring to each installation project. In addition, our approach for each customer is handle their roofing needs so well that they are happy to be included in our growing family. We provide the best support possible, from assertive collaboration with roofing companies and in-depth understanding of the metal roofing market needs. And now we’re opening our doors to co-brand marketing and direct mailing for specific dealers. We look forward to working with you!